There is a shop in Dayton just a few doors down from our shop Sew Dayton called Clash. It’s a really cool dress shop that has every style under the sun. I get a lot of cool vintage dresses from this shop that I remake into new garments. This gives me the chance to take apart something old, see how it was constructed and make something new out of it.\n\n10468209_10204184560395277_8984041188105993175_n\n\nThat is me in the original dress on the left. The fabric was desinergrating. That evening every time I would get up stitches were popping. The picture on the right is where I started piecing it together. It was important to me to cut it all out on the same grainlines and match the prints like the original. I also made my own bias tape to match and used the original zipper from the first dress.\n\nIMG_7159\n\nThe replica was made from fabric from another indie sewing shop called Little Shop of Stitches. It’s Moda brand and was in their Christmas section so I though it fitting. The medallions were close in size of the originals snowflakes.\n\nTracy McElfresh\n\nPhotos by Robert Parkey III and the model is the lovely Gwen Vo

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