Historical Wright Memorial Library is one of my favorite places to get dress ideas and this one came from a book there called Chronicles of Western Costume.

Tracy McElfresh

In 2010 my husband Jeffrey was really on me to sew with perfection. He critiqued every dress I made and pushed me to learn new designs.

Tracy McElfresh

The dress consisted of black cotton velvet cut in an a line dress. Red lace and crossgrain ribbon was all measured and added until it matched this picture perfectly.

Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh

Behind the scenes-This was me in the Art Deco dress and my sister Sarah in another of my dresses. These photos were in the Dayton Daily News, Jim Noelker took the photos. Joshua Lucas did our make up for the the Ohio Classic II Dec. 28, 2011

Other photos are by Seth Stephens and modeling is his lovely wife Ariel. They are wonderful friends still to this day.

Tracy McElfresh
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