For years I have been wanting to replicate this dress! October is our busiest month at Sew Dayton. This year I made time in my schedule. This dress took 20 hours if not more to get from start to finish. This cute little witch was my inspiration photo.


I love to sketch out my design in my dressmaking journal. I also did hours of research on what color scheme I wanted the dress and designs to be like. I went with lavender, slate grey and white. It’s so much fun picking out your colors. I did a lot of research on rabbit silhouettes. I spent time practicing drawing rabbits until I had one that fit. I figured 12 11″ rabbits would fit 3 per panel and I had 4 panels. A little math in sewing always helps.

Tracy McElfresh's Dress Making Journal

I decided to do white rabbits instead of cats for many reasons. I have been obsessed with the white rabbits meaning of adventure since the movie The Matrix when Trinity tells NEO to follow the white rabbit. Also Rabbits are much easier to appliqué around than arched back black cats and they matched my color theme better.

Tracy McElfresh

I really do not think most people that do not sew and design realize how much work goes into making clothing, the thought and work that is involved from start to finish. I like to lay my design out when it’s simply pieces and make sure it looks like what I imagined it in my mind.

Tracy McElfresh

At this point I can make all the alterations if I like. The sleeves were too short, I ran out of the 6 yards of corduroy I bought and had to rethink my hat. Lucky me we had an awesome new line of Cotton and Steel fabric at Sew Dayton that I made the hat out of.

Tracy McElfresh Cotton and Steel Witches Hat

The witches hat was the most challenging to sew. It has craft weight interfacing inside to make it stand up. I had to use my rolling foot to make it work out.

There is also a lot of measuring, pinning and googly eye moments. I wanted to make the same amount of ribbons and bunnies as the original dress in inspiration photo.

IMG_2612 Tracy McElfresh

I used a regular pattern for the hat. It came out so cute.

Tracy McElfresh Witches Hat

This dress is on display at Sew Dayton. The children that we teach to sew love it and at the end of the day I get to say, “I made that.”

Tracy McElfresh Witches Costume

The feature image is model Ruby Ranall and the photo was taken by Sharon Elaine Photography.\n\n

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