Baby Blue 1930s Dress Replica and Dayton Fashion Week

In 2012 before we started Sew Dayton I applied to be in a fashion show called Dayton Fashion Week. It was the first one to be held in Dayton and I was excited to be a part of it.

Tracy McElfresh Dayton Fashion Week

This is part of my Dayton Fashion Week line and that is me in the middle.

I can clearly remember all the work of making 10 dresses to fit my models, all the friends I made and how I chose Ray Charles, Mess Around for the my runway song. I told the models to be bouncy and smile as they walked the runway. The coordinator told them they couldn’t that it would make Dayton look bad until she heard my music and only then she understood what I was going for. Music is a powerful thing.

Tracy McElfresh

This dress was replicated from a 1930s dress I took apart. It was one of my first challenging vintage replicas. The bow in the front started out as my a butterfly collar and then I omitted it. The frock had wonderful princess pockets. There were no bust or waist darts just pleats in the shoulders. I learned a lot about vintage sewing by taking it’s original apart. Back when the original was made they had no interfacing so everything was faced with white Muslin not to be confused with muslim. Then some seams were bound with pretty scraps while others were simply pinked with pinking sheers. If you want to learn to sew, we can teach you!! It’s what we do at Sew Dayton and we do it well!\n\nI got my fabric from my favorite indie sewing shops, Sew to Speak.

Tracy McElfresh

Here is my dress on the runway!! The wonderful photo was shot by Bob Coyle.

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