Clash Dayton Fashion Shows w/Pictures

Twice a year Clash Dayton a small but mighty shop in the Oregon District puts on a big fashion show. Every fall and spring we gear up for this amazing event. This was my 6th year participating in the show.

I have made so many friends, memories and connections at the Clash fashion show that are irreplaceable. Not for just making new friends it’s a good way to get your name out, meet photographers and get great photos of your work.

If you make clothing and you are local I highly suggest talking to Mary about being in the show. The cost to be in the show is only $50. Mary supplies the models and the venue. We have practice and fittings the week before the big day to walk the cat walk. Anyone can apply no matter what your age is or gender is.

This year I did more of a whimsical line. A dress I made for Sew Dayton using local designer Imagine Gnats Bess top pattern made it to the cover of the flyer. We sell this pattern and many more of her patterns at Sew Dayton. Don’t know how to sew? We can teach you! It’s our passion to teach others how to sew.

fall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh

Here are a few of my dresses that were in the show this year. These photos were captured by Robert Parkey III owner of RP3PhotoWorks.

fall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh fall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfreshfall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh fall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh fall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh\n\nPhotos from my friends in the audience, thank you Theresa Brockman and many others. The Etch Dress was the big finale. I wrote a blog post about it last week and it got published by Daytondotcom.

fall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh fall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh fall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfreshfall-2015-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh

A few behind the scenes shots.

This is Amber our intern, it was her first year being a designer in the show. We are so proud of her.

These are the real behind the scenes people. Artist Amy Kollar Anderson and Jesy also known as Needle Ink and Thread aka my business partner were a big help getting us all ready for the show.

My parents even made an appearance.

This is the back room Robert’s photos were shot him. I even got to help him with his set up.

This is another designers dress, Raven Bombshell. Since last falls cyber punk fashion contest we have been seeing designs that light up. I love Andrea’s playful designs.

That’s me and my best bud and business partner Jesy right before show time.\n\nHere are a few shots of past Clash fashion shows.


fall-2013-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh fall-2013-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh
fall-2012-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh fall-2012-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh
fall-2010-fashion-show-Tracy McElfresh
I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences in the Clash Dayton fashion show. Please feel free to leave your feedback and any questions you may have.

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  1. Mary Burnside December 15, 2015 at 9:46 am

    It is an honor having you a part of the shows! If it wasn’t for talent like yours, there wouldn’t be a reason to put them on!!!

  2. Sue Augustyn January 1, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    How do I follow your blog? I don’t see a space to sign up. I am totally inspired by the work you do and would love to hear about how you started the sewing group as well as the fantastic fashion shows! I think I feel a New Years Resolution coming on!! Thank you.\nSue

    • Tracysews January 1, 2016 at 10:24 pm

      Thank you so much Sue, I think it is this (Entries RSS) button on the bottom right of my page to sign up. Let me know if it works. I am new to the blogging world. Happy New Year!!!

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