The Cyber Punk Competition is an after party for the yearly Day-Con convention. Day-Con hosts one of the largest online security conventions around. People come from all over the world to Dayton, Ohio to attend. Dayton loves, technology, invention and yes hackers too.

Besides Clash Dayton’s fall and winter fashion show Mary the owner also hosts many other fun community events in Dayton, Ohio. One of my new favorites is the Cyber Punk Competition. What’s the connection? It is the Day-Con after party. Last year it was held at Vex night club.

I like the idea of designers getting together to be creative, have a fun and have a friendly competition. I feel it helps us push ourselves to a new level to make amazing looks.

The next one is October 10th, 2016. They will be hosting a fashion element to that one too!

Here’s how the contest worked, we get to pick our model and our stylist out. Our team was Jesy, my business partner at Sew DaytonAmber our employee and fellow designer as our model. And Lee Vanartsdalen owner of Zombie Dogz doing our accessories, prosthetics, and FX make up.

Tracy McElfresh Cyber Punk show Dayton

Our work before we could start making our garb was to find a look and agree on it. Then break all of the work into parts. We spent a couple of hours looking at other peoples looks online. We watched movies like Warner Brothers Blade Runner with Harrison Ford and scavenging for materials for our costume.

Jesy of Sew Dayton looking through Real Arts old odds and ends.

Real Art was nice enough to let us come dig in all their wires and odds and ends. This is Jesy looking for things to make her head piece out of. We could of just went out and bought everything although we are makers so our look was all handmade by us. The key was to make everything and have it look professional.

Tracy McElfresh cyber punk drawing.

Here is the drawing I came up with to help inspire us. I got to be in charge of the dress, Jesy the head piece and Lee Ann the face and some sort of mask.

cyber punk contest 2015 Lee's face mask

Here is the awesome eye mask Lee designed for our look. It’s hard to see in the picture that the eye mask has many metal studs embedded in it and could be a weapon. Lee was so sweet and amazing to work with too.

IMG_2185 Tracy Mcelfresh Cyber Punk Dayton

Here is my vinyl dress. Short bit about sewing this dress, I made a simple pull over shift dress with darts. I used a vintage turtle neck pattern for the raglan sleeve, added my own darts, a walking foot and clips instead of pinning it. I cut out the shapes in the sleeves with an X-Acto knife. That cutting took the longest amount of time. I worked a total of 5 hours on this dress. I also learned the vinyl will permanently crease when I flip it right side out.

Cyber Punk contest Dayton Tracy McElfresh

The photo I took above gives a real feel for what I think cyber punk would be and red light makes her look so cool.

Photo by Brian Mulaski

This shows the head piece Jesy made for our look. This Photo was taken by Brian Mikulski.

This is a little of the video I took of Amber walking the runway the night of the competition. It gives more of a 3d idea of our creation.

Rocky Doll IMG_2591 Cyber Punk Competition

The winners were chosen by 5 a panel of 5 judges and then the loudest fan cheer got an extra point, essentially the 6th judge. Sadly we did not win although I was so happy the winner was such an amazing artist.

Photo by Brian Mikulski

Lyn Buccalo’s owner of Serket Jewelry won the cyber punk competition by a landslide. Her model Megan Rice did an amazing job playing the roll of a cyber punk queen.

I asked  Lyn to tell me a few things about her look and here is what she said,”I created the Cyberpunk costume out of pieces and parts of computer keyboard, spare parts in my tool chest, jewelry, and whatever else I could find laying around that would make sense to use. The long trench coat and pants were purchased at a second hand store and we used my daughters spiked heels, haha to complete the entire look. I have had a long desire to create this kind of theme as it develops my skills and techniques in jewelry accessory building.”

Professional photos and featured photo are all taken and contributed by Brian Mikulski.

Thank you for reading!