Honestly, before 2011 I really did’t know much at all about David Bowie. I had never heard a song, seen a video, or seen any of the awesome costumes he wore.

I was asked to help with the  production called The Rise and the Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. The show was very memorable as the first production was held on 11/11/11.

I agreed to make the jacket and help with the other costumes if I could be the stylist and make sure everything looked great before it went out on stage.

tracy mcelfresh

This was so much fun!! I got to meet everyone in the production, watch practice, and really learn a lot about David Bowie. It opened an entire new world for me.

The production manager was Shelly Hulce, owner of Cat Eye Media. She was in charge of everything and she did such a wonderful job keeping it all precise down to every last detail. The actor JJ Parkey was to play the roll of Bowie. Parkey had done other amazing shows I had seen like Hedwig the Angry Inch.  There were many other talented musicians that played his music too.\n\nHere is the jacket I was asked to make.

David Bowie inspiration photo

I used a 1970s woman’s dress pattern that I altered a lot, metallic vinyl and I studied all of Bowies costumes online.

Tracy McElfresh David Bowie

The fabric was pretty thick and interesting to work with. The top stitching I did with my teflon foot.

Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh

These were a few shots my friend Lissa Lush took from the front row. I was busy running back and forth.

Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh

A couple more random shots I just couldn’t leave out.

Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh

This was the other costume I helped create. There I am making sure his leg covers are staying up.

Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh

Here are a couple of the other shots taken back stage during the 2013 reproduction.

What a great show! Thank you Shelly and JJ for making me feel so welcome. I will have these awesome memories for ever. I am and many others are so terribly saddened by the news of his passing yesterday. RIP David Bowie.

The main featured photo was taken by Jennifer Taylor owner of Jennifer Foto.

The jacket can be remade if my schedule permits and the info is in my etsy shop.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh