Sewing Dress Replicas (Retro Reveiw)

Dress replicas are one of my favorite things to sew. They may not always come out exact although the more I do the better I get at making them. I’m always learning new sewing skills to become a better teacher.

When I first started my first sewing business, Dresses by Tracy McElfresh, I stitched and stitched and stitched replicas for people. These days I would rather teach people how to sew than sew for them at Jesy and I’s shop Sew Dayton.\n\nThere were so many I do not have good pictures for although these are just a few I could scrounge up.

Tracy McElfresh

This is a photo of my very first replica I ever made from an add in a magazine in 2008. Boy, my photo shills have come a long way. My husband is a beer brewer so please ignore all that mess.

Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh

This is one of my favorites. I was asked to make a Wizard of OZ Lollipop Kids costume for a lady that lives in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. That is me testing the hat.

Tracy McElfreshTracy McELfreshTracy McElfresh

I stitched and upcycled a Dr. Who costume from a thrift store dress for my friends daughter.\n\nHere is another I helped a friend with.

Tracy McElfresh

Dr Who seems to be a favorite.

Tracy McElfreshTracy McElfresh

A dress from the movie Factory Girl, I love Andy Warhol !

Austin Powers Replica Tracy McElfreshTracy McElfresh

Jennifer Gram in Austin Powers replicated in 2012.

Tracy McElfresh

Here are just a couple replicas from Last year 2015.

Tracy McElfreshTracy McElfresh

One for my self now and then or 3!

Tracy McElfreshTracy McElfresh

My favorite harem pants and then the other was a pair a student made in one of our classes for her daughter.

Tracy McElfreshTracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh\n\nTracy McElfresh

The Littlest Price I made my first year working at Sew Dayton. This one was so easy and fun.

Tracy McElfreshTracy McElfresh

A not quite finished Taylor Swift dress. I have no idea where the finished photo is. At this time I was teaching sewing lessons out of my home and sewing for people full time.

Tracy McElfreshTracy McElfresh

Fancy Nancy the Artist smock for a tiny little girl for halloween.

Tracy McElfreshTracy McElfreshTracy McElfresh

Irish mother of the groom’s suit from a photo. She was really nice to work for. Most customers pick all of their materials and colors out them selves.

Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh

Star Wars wedding dresses. Those were hard to sew, all that chiffon can be shifty.

Tracy McElfresh Screen shot of Hermoine, this was the inspiration photo the customer sent me. Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh Tracy McElfresh Tracy mcElfresh

Hermione dress from Harry Potter was made in 2012 for someone that contacted my etsy shop.

Tracy McElfresh

My first replica made without cutting the original. I did a rubbing of the entire coat.

Me in my Brother 1977

Perhaps my love of dressing up started when I was a child. This is my little brother and I on halloween 1977 or ’78 dressed as sand people from Star Wars.

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