Saturday my husband, Jeffery and I took a trip to Columbus’s Museum of Art to see Spin Art. It honored record covers by famous artist. I too collect records, some for the vintage covers and some for the art inside.\n\nA girl can dream right? Let’s daydream that I got to go to a few of these amazing shows, this is what I would wear.

This would be my ultra mega dream show. I’m a huge Paul Simon fan. I think this dress I made in the summer of 2015 would flow right along with those folk art tunes.

I think these two would make a great match for rockin’ Sleater-Kenny. I actually did get to see them although I made this dress last week. I didn’t get to wear it to the show.

Another fun one Ramsey Lewis iconic leader in the contemporary jazz movement, I stitched and designed this dress for the ultimate Spanish dancing experience.

One of my favorite artist Chuck Berry, the father of rock and roll! This combo means I will be comfortable but fun!

If I got to see legend country singer Dolly Parton I would wear this 1970s flower girl dress that I replicated. May be with a coat of many colors.

I can only assume if I got to see Bob Marley it would be on a warm sunny beach right? I made this swim suit in 2014 when I learned all about swimwear.

Chopin being a hopeless romantic it only seems right to wear a 1920s fairy tale wedding dress to his piano concert.

\n\n \n\nPrince Concert, this one is easy! That is me on right in all of my 1980s garb.

\n\nActor, humanitarian and hottie Harry Belafonte I can imagine would be a dancing show! I paired Harry with my Frida inspired dress.

The Ramones paving the way for punk rock in the 1970s. I think my holiday 2015 get up would be great for bopping up and down.

Ella Fitzgerald the finest female singer in Jazz. I would want to wear only the best!

Seeing Jack White would be amazing as he is my SB (secret boyfriend)! I think I would go really cute with this one!

I feel the movement, color and design screams out Coltrane.

Tracy McElfresh Record Art

The Violet Fems would be awesome in another pair of my favorite Hudson Pants by True Bias and my new favorite t shirt.

Any thing cute, short and mod would be great to wear to see Diana Ross and the Supremes.

I did get to see the B-52s once. I danced the entire night. This what I would wear to that show. Dance this mess around!!!

Truly unique Erin McKeown, I would wear my first lady suit!

I could pull this off, me as Mr. Spock at an Elvis Costello show would be amazing, if I haven’t done it already. Now that is way to much daydreaming.

This one was a hard pick, I have a lot of ideas of what I would wear if I had the chance to Aretha Franklin.

Singer and song writer Hayes Carll is on the forefront of Americana music. He’s cute so something cute would be totally appropriate. If I made this dress I think it would look best navy blue and white, sailor style. I should put this one on this years solids list.

Past shows and clothes.

A few other awesome things I saw on our day trip to the Columbus Museum of Art.

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