Who doesn’t simply love a reversible dress? It is like getting a two dresses in one!

I grew up in the 1970s and they were pretty popular then. I had a reversible red, blue and  yellow calico wrap skirt in 1977.

During my sewing career I have come to realize lining dresses is almost the same as making them reversible and it is really not that much more work. So why not!!

Especially if a holiday is just a one day thing; why not back it with another holiday.

I’ve been thinking about what other garments that could really be beneficial to be reversible. Clothing for travel would be great because you could pack less, reversible swimwear too,

because it’s already fully lined and reversible printed fabric would be cool. An example would be a woven fabric that one side is polka dots and the other is stripes. Sewing, I could simply French seam or baby seam all of my edges and the dress would practically be ready-made.

Here is another reversible dress I constructed.

Amy Koller Anderson

Artist Amy Kollar Anderson owns this dress. I used Colette Patterns Parfait dress pattern and Cotton and Steel’s Tokyo Train Ride by artist Sarah Watts cotton fabric. I also used a reversible zipper and a rolling foot to seam them all together.

I should make some kind of convertible and reversible dress next. If you have any inspiration for me please send it my way.

I hope everyone is having a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Thank you for reading.

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