I’ve been hooked on 1970s fashion and dresses this year. I was born in 1972 and in the state of Florida. It seemed fitting I make a Florida dress as a souvenir from a girls trip in January and my solids challenge #4 for 2016.

Why am I only sewing solids this year? When you sew solid materials you can easily see any imperfections, design and constriction errors. On the flip side you also can see great craftsmanship really well. I feel it will push me to get really creative and learn more in 2016. I’m currently on dress #13 and taking a break to make solid needle felted art that I have included in my solids challenge. If you want to see more #solidschallenge on instagram and follow me there, I’m tracysews.

Florida Dress by Tracy McElfresh

These were a few architecture photos I snapped in Florida. I loved the color, shape and feeling of these three houses. I knew instantly these were the colors I wanted my dress to be.

I went to the local fabric shop in St.Petersburg called Flip Flop Quilt Shop and they had all the colors I needed to make my Florida Dress. The owner Andrea was so nice and helpful. If you go to St. Pete this shop is a must stop on my list.

The piece with the flowers is a vintage pillow case from a Florida Antiques Village we hit up on our girls trip. It too is all solid fabrics appliquéd on to the pillow case. I thought this would make a nice touch to my dress.

Florida Dress by Tracy McElfresh

This was my sketch to reflect on, finding a pattern close to this was really tough. I went through thousands in my collection and online before I settled on this pattern.

Pattern I used for the Florida Dress by Tracy McElfresh

I made style A as shown. I cut very large bias strips out of the yellow and pink to add to the bottom. I bought 1 yard of each and needed to make it all work. I’m also a girl on a $40 a week budget.  I’ve made 14 dresses this year on less than $40 a week. It’s a way to make myself get even more creative.

Florida Dress by Tracy McElfresh

This is my picture before the zipper. All corners points and stripes match up perfectly. This took a lot of measuring and time. It was not easy! When I went to instal the zipper I noticed the back white triangle was 1/2″ off on the left side so I actually ripped that all out and reset it before installing the zip. I didn’t want an imperfection to be my focal point. The bodice is fully lined even though I finished it edges with bias tape I made from the pillow case. The triangles gave me the feel of the houses in Florida.

A few of the photos from photographer Stephanie Baker, modeling Arielle Kuunani Bucio from Leap Day. Thank you both for all of your help.

Tracy McElfresh Needle Felt Textile Arts Solids Challenge Vogue Inspired

This was yesterdays solids challenge. I needle felted this vogue inspired art work from a cover of Vogue magazine from 1909.

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