Have you ever wanted to sew an amazing era dress and be able to put it in an big art show? Last January I was invited to be in an art show called The Dig Project. I happily accepted before even reading what it was.

Breaking it down simply any artist in a 30 mile radius of Dayton is invited to mail their art work into Kelsey Projects. Colleen Kelsey would display them in a traveling art exhibit, showing diversity of artist’s in our little town.

I wrote Kelsey Projects and asked if I could keep my dress secret until the night of the show. This was really hard to do. I did all kinds of sneak peak photos but nothing where you could see parts of the dress for an entire month.

Tracy McElfresh The Dayton Dig Project

I then had to pick something I thought people would think was amazing. This 1950s pattern with fabric that was from the same period fell in my lap (THANK YOU Terri Parmenter). I went with it. The material is some sort of tapestry metallic weave. It pressed so nice and pretty. As usual I had 2 yards of fabric and the pattern called for 3 1/2 yards. I made it work by using the lengthen and shorten lines in all the places it said to. I also maneuvered pieces around.

The pattern was also called the instant dress which means you lay the tissue on your fabric the way it was printed and simply cut. The layout is already done for you. If I was lucky enough to have the right amount of fabric I could have done just that.

This was one of my sneak peaks. The fabric was so messy I have to vacuum my machines after.

Tracy McElfresh The Dayton Dig Project

This really worked!

I had to check the fit too. This was the scary part. There was only one stitch I had to pop out in the front, you can see it in the picture above. I got so lucky with the rest, although I did a lot of measuring and altering before I cut it out.

The night of the show Jesy of Needle Ink and Thread and I went together. We had a wonderful time!

Tracy McElfresh Needle Felt Art

I’m also working on needle felting some of my art this month.

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