Life moves and changes so fast. Today I am taking a look back at my etsy shop. I started TRacyseWS, my etsy shop in 2009 as a way to start selling the multiple retro dolls and hats I was designing. Slowly it stated changing to my vintage inspired, handmade dresses. Then to a custom dress shop, then vintage and when we opened Sew Dayton there was very little time to keep anything at all.

These were a few of the things I made for my etsy shop in 2009 and 2010 when I first opened it.

The dolls all sold although they took too long to make.  I sold one hat although they never really took off. My guess with the hats is people really don’t like to display art work on their head.

“To succeed you have to try and everything does’t always succeed but takes you to new places even if it’s just a learning experience”

For the past 6 years I have been selling my dresses on etsy. It took me 2 years to get my first dress sale. I would joke that I might roll over dead if one ever sold, but I kept trying. Today, I have sold over 100 dresses on etsy, most are to one lady in California.

I still have my dresses, art and vintage in my etsy shop today. When I sell things I pay for more photo shoots or more art supplies to make more dresses. Making, this is what really makes me happy. It’s where my heart is at. These are a few of my new pieces in my shop.

In other news besides my blog post every Monday my friend Jessie Wenzler comes over for Crafty Mondays.  That’s her, she loves making pretty tie dyes.

Jessie Wenzler

My next big fashion show is coming up in 2 weeks too (April 24th)! I’ll post all about the Clash Fashion Show next week 🙂

Me getting ready for the fashion show fitting.

Me getting ready for the fashion show fitting.

Thank you for reading.

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