Last winter, for a special holiday gift for my husband, Jeffrey, I agreed to make him a t shirt quilt out of all of his old favorite t shirts.

I am a color worshipper! As I was cutting out all the pieces I noticed the colors were quite similar to a dress I had seen in so many fashion articles, books and magazines. I flipped through one of my many dress books and quickly found the dress.

Dress that inspired a t shirt quilt

Once I cut out the shirts I got solid fabric and ribbon to coordinate with the dress and color blocked each piece.

T shirt quilt Tracy McElfresh

Let me tell you, I’m not a quilter! It is so much work to cut up a bunch of little tiny pieces and put them all back together again. I was defiantly feeling like a one woman sweat shop for 2-3 days last winter. One entire afternoon I did nothing but move colors, which was a lot of fun. I give a special appreciation shout out too all of you quilters.

I am planning on making another quilt as part of my solids challenge after my next red swim suit.

Tracy McElfresh

This was my test square (not the finished look). I don’t know much about quilting but I do watch Fons and Porter, For the Love of Quilting every Saturday morning on my local PBS station. A few weeks ago a lady named Liz was a guest on the show and she made this snow ball quilt square. I love strawberries so I thought I would try it with no pattern or directions, simply from memory. My quilt colors will be different and I need to make the strawberry look a little more like a strawberry.

I still feel like clothing is much easier to make but I am willing to try something new and different to learn a new skill set.

Thank you for reading!

Behind the scenes, I’ve been practicing my needle felting to get ready to make a piece for Clash Dayton’s big Phobia Art Show in November.

My favorite Barista, Anne is leaving Press Coffee Bar to start her own coffee shop in Cincinnati called Landlocked Social House. As a gift I needle felted a self portrait of her beloved cat, Albert. I wish her and her husband all the success in the world.

Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh