Prior to 2013 I was scared of matching prints. It seemed like too big of a challenge, like such a struggle to spend that much time on a dress plus sewing time. Life is short, right?

In 2012 when we first got our own little sewing shop, we had a lot of time and endless Moda brand fabric to play with.

Tracy McElfresh

Then I decided it was time to get over my fear of matching prints and stop taking my self so seriously, I thought,”Who am I any ways, a dressmaker in Ohio, who cares is I mess up.”  I had matched stripes many times so I would treat it much the same way.

Tracy McElfresh

I bought a vintage 1940s pattern from Wearing History’s etsy shop. (I love to support other women in the sewing industry) The most important thing I did was buy an extra yard of fabric. Usually you can buy what ever the repeat is although when you are new buy more than you think you need.

Tracy McELfresh

The best thing to do when matching prints is to take your time, cut out one piece at a time double checking that they are all on the same bottom line. I also added piping to this dress to break the busy a bit and make it pop.

Tracy McElfresh

The dress sold years ago in my etsy shop.  It’s hard to part with things that I worked hard on although I can make more.

Professional photos by Sharon Elaine Photography and modeling is the lovely Ruby Randall.

Behind the scenes~

I’ve personally been having a rough spring so I have been finding comfort in sewing and designing. I’ve been sewing up a storm of 1-2 dresses per week.  Here is a few sneak peeks at new summer May makes.

Thank you for reading!