Unprinted Vintage Dress Pattern and Resizing

Resizing a pattern with no print has to be the hardest skill to acquire in sewing garments. Especially if your garment is complex with many little pieces. For Memorial Day weekend I wanted to make something a little patriotic and a little from the bombshell WWII era.

Tracy McElfresh Sewing WWII Unprinted Patterns and Resizing

When you sew you have to constantly problem solve. My problem here was this pattern is a size 18 1/2. This one had so many pieces I decided to make it and take it in to a smaller size. I would of been a 12-14 in my bust and a 14-16 in my hips for this time period.

I decided to cut all of my pieces the size they came in. I had several reasons for my decision. One was that it was already a challenge, many pieces with all these little dots that represented information. It was like a decoding detective game. Dots across in a row represented grain line. Dots across waist and hips were my shorten lengthen line. I’m short so I used the dots to make it all a lot shorter. My other reason was the multiple pieces and the math involved seemed like to big of a challenge.

I could tell right away it was too big. Lucky I had planned out how to take it in before finishing anything. This means trying it on over and over again. It can be hectic doing this in the middle of a big project but I had to get the fit right.

Tracy McElfresh Sewing WWII Unprinted Patterns and Resizing

This dress was part of my 2016 #Solidschallenge~ The idea that if I sew with solids it will clearly show my mistakes, good craftsmanship and force me to get creative. So, I made fun accessories to really victory it up. A belt, covered buttons and a scarf would really brighten it up. Made all of these out of vintage materials to keep with my theme.

Tracy McElfresh Sewing WWII Unprinted Patterns and Resizing

I scored an awesome dress and got the fit right it just took an entire day of fitting.

Behind the scenes~ The week I made this dress I traded the Poppy Dress for this awesome piece of art by Tiffany Clark. It hangs above my moms treadle singer machine.

Thank you for reading!

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