After my first round of natural dying I was really set off by the lack color. For my 2nd round I would try to color my Cotton and Steel double gauze with the spice turmeric, it worked! Here is what I did!

I decided to soak my fabric in 4 quarts water, 1 part vinegar for 3 hours to prime my fabric. It helps the spice adhere to the fabric better. Next, a wring cycle in my washing machine to get the excess water out. Natural dying part one with the cherry juice concentrate I used salt and water as primer.

Viking Apron Dress Tracy McElfresh

Then I soaked my dress in 4 quarts of simmering water and 4 heaping table spoons of turmeric for 2 hours. I did this process twice.

Last a full wash. A little warning, some things can chemically react to the natural dye, after making the viking apron dress I used spray starch to press it and it made what looked like vintage rust spots all over the dress. Thank goodness it washed out.

I needed to find an awesome dress that is suitable with this soft, flowing fabric. I wanted to make something that had a bohemian festival look.

I stumbled across dozens of viking apron dresses, tutorials and patterns online.  I took one look at the lay outs and decided I did not need a pattern for this dress.

After 10 years of custom dresses my skill level has gotten really good. The pattern is simply your chest measurement divided by 3 pieces plus seam allowance and ease. The extra parts can all be used for bias strips and straps. The cool thing is there is almost no waste!

Tracy McElfresh

This is my pattern and layout. I squared up all the pieces a little better before cutting out my double gauze.

Once my dress was made I wanted to add some girly bits. To figure out what colors look best I prance around like this for a few minutes. Some times it’s hard not to over do it.

Viking Apron Dress Tracy McElfresh

These are the colors I went with, I even made it look like a heart. It was fun playing with all the trims and pinning them all until I got the all in the right places. Sewing it all on was an entirely different story.

Viking Apron Dress Tracy McElfresh

I found these cool buttons at the thrift store and added them to my viking apron dress. I used the copper family crest buttons.

Viking Apron Dress Tracy McElfresh

Here is my finished dress.

Behind the scenes~

Our Dayton Dressmaker’s Meet Up was last month. We meet 4 times a year and have 2 swaps. This was just a few of us.

Viking Apron Dress Tracy McElfresh

Thank you for reading!