1950s Suspender Skirt Hack

This summer I have a big shiny new venture (my very own studio).  I started accepting custom orders and boy did they come rolling in.\n\nOne I especially enjoyed was this 1950s skirt.

Tracy McElfresh Skirt 1950s

The problem was after getting my pieces out and laying them on the fabric I knew the design would ruin this beautiful print on the fabric.  I also knew there was not going to be enough fabric to make the skirt with pockets and suspenders if I used this pattern. I was going to have to work some magic.

Tracy McElfresh

I decided to ditch the pattern and make my own design that would keep the integrity of the fabric but also deliver the look the customer, Tyna wanted. I knew this would take a lot longer to make but I love a challenge, so I didn’t mind. Below  is what I cut.

Tracy McElfresh

I did use the patterns waist band piece and suspender pieces. The pockets were an odd shape so I made my own.

Bordered twice, under stitched, interfaced and with pockets!

I love the way this skirt came out!

Tracy McELfresh

Here is Tyna in a shoot for her pin up contest for Miss Atomic Bombshell for the non profit group Heels for Combat Boots.

Behind the scenes~

I also made a pillow and table runner that I matched the print on because there was not enough fabric to center the print.

Tracy McELfresh

Thank you for reading!

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