For my 2nd solids challenge I wanted to learn more heirloom skills and since I am addicted to the 1920s styles I wanted to make a little something like this.

Inspiration screen shot photo

Inspiration screen shot photo

\n\nJeffrey and my tea cups were my colors.

Tracy sews 1920s fairytale wedding dress

First I started with my design. I wanted to learn mitered lace, using a triple drilling needle, making scallops, American smocking and design.

Tracy sews 1920s fairytale wedding dress

Then bought my supplies and lots of them. Sadly some of them I did not use.

Tracy sews 1920s fairytale wedding dress

I started with the sleeves and a few handy tools. I even used house hold objects to complete the scallops.

The design was very simple it was everything I added to this dress to make it detailed. This was the entire point of my solids challenge. Making me learn new techniques and get creative with plain fabric.

Then there was the chrysanthemum I wanted to add but wound up ditching it in the end. I worked hours on this flower.

Then the mitered lace. I bought a book called Mimi’s Machine Heirloom Sewing to help me with this.

The scallops to have a green pop on the inside.

The mess I made! Satin!!!

The fitting, I wound up taking it in a lot!

The closure, since people were not using zippers then I went with snap tape.Tracy sews 1920s Fairytale wedding dress

Before and after all my added embellishments.


Best tip, fill up multiple bobbins and take lots of breaks.

Tracy sews 1920s Fairytale wedding dress

13177579_10206575872176577_2955677065110044784_n Tracy sews 1920s Fairytale wedding dress

Professional Photos by Sarah Babcock and modeling is the beautiful Arielle Kuunani Bucio.

Behind the scenes~

Throw back 6 years ago I made this quilt from my dress scraps for a good friend that was having a baby.


Thank you for reading!

Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh