Absolutely Fabulous 1970s Maxi Dress Pattern Cover Replica

Staying up late at night and sewing dresses is usually a big NO NO, although my husband Jeffrey was at one of his Yellow Springs Brewery events and I wanted a dress for the movie premiere of Absolutely Fabulous.  I never need a reason to make a new dress and this was the perfect time to squeeze in one more summer maxi dress.


My friends on my Instagram and Facebook pages voted on which fabric I was going to use for this pattern. The black and white fabric won and I was trilled that it did. Remember, this is the year I complete all of my garment projects I have been putting off.


Sorry, I was in such a hurry to make the dress I didn’t get any pictures at all of the making.

Here are some details about this 1970s maxi dress. I used original 1970s polyester like my mother would have worn. I stabilized the open back facings with light sew in interfacing and I followed all of the instructions for a nice change.  The poly really did not have a lot of stretch although just enough to use a smaller pattern size than my usual size 10. A plus is that the poly does not fray so I did not have to finish any of my seams. The only thing I did not like about the pattern is the arm hole facings. I had to tack them down because they were trying to come out. A couple of stitches right before the movie solved that problem.

This dress was super HOT, in every way! Adults dressing up in fun ways was just fabulous.


Photo taken at The Neon theater in Dayton, Ohio

The move was hilarious, the theater laughter could be heard from the staff in the lobby and we had a very memorable time.


That is my one of my best friends Brenda right before the show started.

Behind the scenes~

I have 2 personal sewing projects I am working on this summer. A costume for the Clash fashion show October 2nd and studying and remaking this depression era dress. This dress was gifted to me when we first opened Sew Dayton 4 years ago. The dress is starting to crumble like paper and I am running out of time to redraft a pattern from it.

Here is the costume fabric for the fashion show. Got design ideas for this one? Let me know.

Thank you for reading!

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