My dear sweet husband Jeffrey, asked me to make a cute little black dress last winter. After searching all of the patterns online I decided I was going to have to get crafty and marry two patterns together. This is a review of some of what I did.

Screen Shot

inspiration screen shot photo

I found two patterns that were close to the dress he wanted me to make. This was quite the challenge as I could find nothing that was exact.


This was a dress I found during my research that I also wanted to make. I want to make them all!!


Isn’t it super cute!


It took over an entire morning to cut and prepare all of my pieces. Pleated fabric takes a lot of time, marking and work. I used wax transfer paper and a tracing wheel to transfer every mark, dart, dot and notch. For the fabric choice I used crepe back satin. I made it so the soft satin was on the inside of the dress. As you know I love comfort!


The tracing wheel is great when you need to make a ton of marks.


Getting the skirt properly attached to the top bodice in the right places was the hardest part. I put the two on my body and pinned them with them at the waistline. I marked a line with chalk of where the two meet up. Next, I made sure my mark was as even as possible by measuring and folding the pieces together, left to the right sides, and center to back sides until they were all the same.


Then a proper fitting to look for anything not right. Oh, it has a few mistakes. Somehow I messed the knife pleats up and one pleat in the dead center front is fake. I never buy enough fabric. I got 3 yards of the black and a quarter of a yard of the white. The triangles on the sleeves were the small parts that were left after the collar was cut. The cutting time would of been much less if I wasn’t spending so much time puzzle piecing to make it all fit. Sewing definitely makes me a smarter gal!

Sarah Babcock Studio

Sarah Babcock Studio

All and all I love the dress.

Behind The Scenes~

This week is my first week working from home! I made stage clothes for a member of band, The Cricketbows. I also made samples for my upcoming classes and made a dress for the Clash’s fall fashion show.

Africa Stage clothe Cricketbows

Thank you for reading!

Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh