What is my sudden craze of the tent dress? Well, it is the most comfortable dress because it’s very loose fitting. It fits no matter how much your weight fluctuates and has no darts or waistline. You can dress it up or dress it down. It can be belted or work as a great Saturday lounge dress. I love how wide the hems are.

Tracy McElfresh Tent Dress

This was my very first tent dress, 2009. The best thing about tent dresses is you need no pattern at all they are so easy to make. This one I added a bib to it and my mom crocheted my embellishment trims. Her one condition is that I take the trim off if I get rid of the dress. This photo was taken by Shanna Ramsey.

Tracy McElfresh Tent Dress

This one was not designed by me but I love it. It’s Amy Butler’s Mini dress and I used Amy Butler’s voile fabric. It has pockets too.

This one was supposed to be made from a pattern but when I went into the pattern envelope all the pieces were missing. I took a deep breath and decided to go at it without a pattern. I am so glad I did, it was a playfully fun time.

This one was a great learning curve. Once I knew I could make a tent dress with no pattern I really started defining it with more details. This one was made with 1970s polyester. I know now why people said knits were hard to sew when they first came out. This beauty broke 3 needles in my serger and the cutter didn’t like it either. I figured out how to engineer my neckline facing turn into straps to tie around in different ways.

Behind the scenes~ This week I made the cutest baby shower gift for friends.

Facebook voted on which cute animal I was to make from this pattern copyrighted 1941. The elephant won!

Tracy McElfreshTracy McElfresh from Tracy's Sewing Studio

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