What’s more fun for your birthday than going fabric shopping with one of your best friends? This is my friend Brenda, we had so much fun looking fabrics and discussing them. There is so much education in a fabric store.

Day of the Dead Dress with Date Night Dress by Tracy's Sewing Studio LLC

This is what I bought. It is 2 separate fabrics. The black skulls fabric is all cut and the peach is fabric flowers sewn on satin.

I played designer trying to figure out what design would be suitable for this fabric. Since all of the designs are cut outs it would not be wise to cut it into pieces. Each piece would need to be basted and under stitched to other pieces. The design needed to be simple meaning not have a lot of little pieces or the skulls and flowers would fall apart.

Day of the Dead Dress with Date Night Dress by Tracy's Sewing Studio LLC

I chose April Rhodes Date Night Dress  pattern. It’s one of my go to designs that looks great, feels great and doesn’t have a ton of piecing.

My next short cut, I used basting adhesive spray instead of baste stitching my underling around each piece. This is where my skills from working at Wright Memorial Public Library came in handy. I used to laminate and prepare all of the book covers before they went out for circulation. To get my garment pieces to lay flat I first cleaned the cement off outside (spray smells and is sticky), laid the flimsy pieces on the ground, wrong side up. My garment underlining pieces I pressed with starch to make it a little stiffer. This will help keep the bubbles out when I marry the two together. Next I evenly spray my adhesive to the wrong side of the outer shell (my outside pieces). Then simply but carefully lay my lining pieces on top of my dress shell. It also helps to cut the outer pieces a little bigger to make placement easier.

Tracy McElfresh Day of the Dead Date Night Dress

After my dress was made I put it on the dress form to get a feel for it. This is where I study the dress and see if it needs anything else. I though it could use a collar.

Day of the Dead Dress with Date Night Dress by Tracy's Sewing Studio LLC

This was my first version of the dress. The interesting butterfly collar was just to much. That is the awesome thing about making your own clothes. You can always change them at any time. I fashioned the collar into a cute little hat.

Tracy McElfresh Hat Making

Can you believe that was a collar?

In other news I was in the Dayton Daily News last Saturday in an article about what to wear to fall weddings. Written by freelance writer Sara Thomas.

Dayton Daily News article by Sara Thomas

Thank you reading!

Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh