Short and sweet this week, sorry friends, fall camping, upcoming Clash Fashion Show and photo shoots are on my agenda. This is the time of the year everyone is super busy, I’m sure you are no exception.

Today I’m writing about my barkcloth dress. Let’s start with the fabric! As a gift Diana owner of Diana’s Sewing Barn gave me 3 yards of vintage bark cloth. She said, “I’m giving you this because I know you will do something with it.”

I did with no hesitation, I have no fear of cutting into any fabric no matter the age, price point or beauty. I look at it like I can cut it up and have something new or sit on the fabric.

I love the boat neck, deep large pockets and flattering silhouette. I believe I used a Simplicity pattern, I made this dress is 2011 before I started blogging and taking makers photos. I pre-washed the fabric and treated it just like a cotton. High heat with my iron and a size 12 sewing needle. Some of the 50 year creases would not come out even with high heat and the clapper tool that helps remove creases.

Tracy McElfresh Bark Cloth Dress

Bark Cloth was really popular from the 1940s-1960s and is made from wood pulp. It has a heavier drape that cotton just doesn’t compare with.

Tracy McElfresh Bark Cloth Dress

Professional photos by Brett Davis

Behind the scenes~

This week I designed a line of Frida inspired dresses for Clash Dayton, a local fashion boutique in the heart of my home town Dayton, Ohio. I designed the apron/wrap dresses to fit multiple sizes. I have spent a year trying to figure out how to make a dress that could fit multiple sizes and I finally did it.

Tracy McElfresh Frida Inspired Dresses

My shirt was made by Jessie Wenzler and pants by artist Christopher Mann.

Thank you for reading.

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