My favorite kind of dress to make is a replica. It’s such a fun challenge and I don’t mind when they are not perfect because I know nothing ever is perfect. This dress was no exception although overall I love the dress. Below is my inspiration photo.

Tracy McElfresh Bohemian Replica

First I like to break the dress down and draw it out on paper. This dress appears to be a tent dress with angle cut bell sleeves and a scoop neck. I chose a vintage piece of mud cloth that I had been hoarding for years.

Yes, you can cut that prize fabric!!

Tracy McElfresh Bohemian Replica

Next, I cut out all of my pieces and put them on my dress form. This is where I get to make all of my changes. Lower or higher neckline, wider sleeves or anything else I want alter. This is the fun part although it can make or break my replica.

Tracy McElfresh Bohemian Replica

I used every scrap on this dress and then needed to use bias tape for the neckline binding and tie casing. This is the part I really wish I had not done, I feel it takes away from the dress. You can see a little better in the morning light selfies I took of my self.

Tracy McElfresh Bohemian Replica Tracy McElfresh Bohemian Replica

Professional photo by RP3 Photoworks and modeling the lovely Jessica Hale in the featured image.

Behind the scenes~

In other news I got to go to Portland and Washington last week. Here are a few of the fabric stores I got to visit.

Our Dayton Dressmakers Meet Up is having a fabric hop of our own November 12th and anyone can come! We are a friendly group, click on the link with the details and let me know if you can make it.


Thank you for reading!

Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh