Life has been such a rush lately, my new business has really taken off and my website isn’t even finished yet. My husband and I started this clean eating thing and who ever though it would take so much time to actually cook real food. It’s a lot of planning, prep work and cooking all day on Sundays. It’s nice to spend time working with my husband though I feel like I blink my eyes and it’s Monday again.

I have been sewing up a storm, making amazing projects for my community, providing alterations and teaching lessons. Some projects are secret and some are blowing up the internet. I can’t wait to share them with you all.

Tracy McElfresh Rosewood Art Centre Kettering

When I first moved back to my hometown of Kettering, Ohio in 2000, most of my friends had moved away and I had not found my passion yet. I took a lot of art classes at Rosewood Art Centre in Kettering for fun.

When a friend sent me a text and asked if Sew Dayton would be interested in teaching there I was more than excited! Rosewood is on my top 10 favorite places in town. Jesy and I took the job and  taught several children classes in 2015.

As you know Sew Dayton closed and Jesy and I are well on our own way to being successful with our current ventures, I’m overjoyed we were both asked back to Rosewood to teach sewing lessons. This winter I’m teaching an children’s sewing up-cycled t shirt class and Jesy is teaching a sleep over camp.

Tracy McElfresh Rosewood Art Centre Kettering

Also this spring I will be teaching the really cool Reversible Japanese Knot Bag, for children and adults, TBA soon.

Tracy McElfresh Rosewood Art Centre Kettering

I was also grateful to be included with all of the other instructors at Rosewood’s Holiday Arts Festival, I vended and made a very simple dress during the event as a demo.

The dress I’m calling, Japanese Peach has zero waste, two things I’ve really been into lately. My design consists of many strips of rectangle shapes. Secret, the middle green band was the cut of the neckline, can you see it now? I wasn’t planning on telling people that but why not!

Thank you for reading!

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