As many already know a new lease has been signed!  My new studio will be located at Rosewood Art Centre in the town of Kettering.

Hopefully starting Wednesday, January 11th,  I will be taking alterations and custom work from 9am-5pm. My schedule will be Wednesday’s -Friday’s for walk ins and drop offs only.

I have a long history and a love for Kettering’s Rosewood Community Centre. Over the years I have taken pencil drawing, Chinese brush art, watercolor, oil painting and belly dancing classes there.

I also teach a lot of classes already at Rosewood, so it was totally fitting! Let me know if there is a group class you are interested in and Rosewood may host us?

Behind the scenes~
Here are a few of my quick holiday projects that I made while spending time with my family.

\n\nChristmas Day we watched movies and I needle felted. I love how easy needle felting is. You simply stab beautiful colored alpaca fur into felt with what ever design you please. The best part is if you do not like something you can rip it off and start over. It is what I call, forgiving art. This piece was inspired by the seasons colorful changing trees in Portland, Oregon.

Clean eating endeavor, I always said I wanted to learn to make my own chocolate candies. This is my 5th round at making chocolates, also super easy to execute. I made 4 batches of peanut butter cups and the last batch came out perfect. With that I decided to try something new this time, with no recipe I whipped up coconut honey chocolates.

Tips: You have to pour the right amount of chocolate into the molds. Too little chocolate, the candies will crack and break. Too much chocolate, they are hard and the honey squishes and oozes out. My first peanut butter cups were like hockey pucks.

This was a fun 5 minute project for New Year’s Day. I got to play inventor! I had two broken objects that I combined together to make one workable camera tripod for my dressmaking selfies. Watch the video I made for a quick step by step.

Dress in a couple of hours, I made this dress for my best friend Kelly who was going to California for Christmas.\n\nLong short, I posted this dress half done on my Tracy’s Sewing Studio Facebook page with a what does it need question? I told no one who it was for, figured no one would even see it and my friend Kelly did, under the photo she writes, “The dress needs me to take it to California.” I don’t think she really actually knew, but perhaps I nailed her style and when give it to her she was really surprised. Fun fact, the fabric was also copyrighted the year she was born.

Thank you for reading!

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