During winter months our clothing rarely gets seen out and about in public. This is when great outerwear represents our style. Pairing outerwear with handmade accessories you will be sure to shine bright wherever you are. I love Wearing History’s,  Ahwahnee 1920s blanket coat pattern. This was my second time making this jacket.


First Jacket, Modeling Leslie Ruby Randal photo by Sharon Caraway Lang


What is a pattern hack? It’s simply a new word for alterations to a pattern. As far as the original pattern goes, I love that the main body of the coat front and back are both all one piece. There are no side seams to try and match prints up with! The original pattern also has many wonderful details such as welted pockets, patched pockets, a great big hood, raglan sleeves and button closures.\n\nFor my new coat I had very little time to devote to the details and photo taking. However I used the body and sleeves of the WH original coat pattern, I hacked it by designing my own collar, as well as easy patch pockets and a belt. I also omitted the buttons, button holes and welted pockets, all to save time.





I will share my mistakes with you in hopes you will have sewing success. Mistakes I made, cutting through the double layer print on fold and not checking that the under fabric was perfectly lined up and on grain. This threw my print off a bit, 1 inch is just enough to be noticed. Also confusing to the eye, I did not match the print on the patch pockets. Perhaps I should have spent more time on these details.

Behind the Scenes~
This week I am working on a new coat! More to come soon!

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Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh