I’m all wound up with excitement this week! My sewing business, Tracy’s Sewing Studio is booming.

This week I was honored to be on the cover of the Oakwood Register and unanimously selected to be on the Kettering Arts Council. I also put in my first wholesale order for my new online store where I will be selling hand-picked basic sewing kits, embroidery supplies and new patterns. I will also have awesome vintage patterns and fabric that I have been saving for the launch!

Once my website is launched I’m going to celebrate by making a bangin’ hot sheath dress, like the one above. The new one will be made with Art Gallery Fabric purchased from my favorite indie shop, Sew To Speak.

Let’s get to that project I managed to squeeze in this project a couple of weeks ago before the storm of excitement hit.\n\nMy group the Dayton Dressmakers Club Meet Up has a once a year fabric swap. We bring all of our fabric, put it on a table and with good manners everyone takes whatever they can use. Last spring I acquired 2.5 yards of a beautiful lavender wool. I wanted to use Gertie’s coat pattern but it calls for 7 yards of fabric. Honestly, I  didn’t think I could make it work.

I cut corners and saved fabric by making the coat a lot shorter. I took all of my pieces and put them into piles. One pile of cut

wool definitely, a probably cut out wool if there is room, and a don’t need pile.

Once my pieces were all laid out I played  “Tetris” until they all fit on the correct grain lines. The little triangle pieces are how I shortened the skirt of the coat. This pattern had 21 pieces.


Here is the assembly line in my sewing room. I have fun making a big mess of piles! Clean up can always be done later unless your mother says different.


This is the wool coat before the lining. Take note that the lining makes it much more structured in the featured pic. I used a thick vintage poly satin fabric for the lining. Doing this made the jacket have much less ease as the poly had no stretch. I cut a size 10 for my 33″ bust and when finished the jacket was much snugger than the previous jacket I made with no lining.

Above is my first run with the pattern in 2015. Modeling is Leslie Ruby Randall and the photo was taken by Sharon Elaine Photography.

I love this classic 1950s look and the coat is a fun make.\n\nBehind the scenes~\n\nMy current work project is almost finished.

Thank you for reading!

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