Last week was another awesome week, although it went by fast! My website launch is getting down to the wire.  Make sure you don’t miss my Virtual Launch Party. It’s going to be free, fun, have prizes and it’s all online! No need to go anywhere!

Let’s take a quick look at my Princess Di inspired dress and how I made it.


I found this awesome sheet for $1.99 at my local thrift store. In 2009 I made an entire series of dresses from sheets and table clothes to prove you did not have to spend big money to make beautiful things. Today all of those dresses have sold.

First I found a pattern close to the design I wanted to make. Then hacked that pattern to make my plaid print match up. The skirt was made into one piece so that I only needed to match up the center back panel.

Matching up the bodice was almost a joke! The pattern said not suitable for plaids. Trying any ways, I cut out one piece at a time and marked where the 5/8 seam allowance would be with a water soluble marker. Then, I used that one cut piece to match and cut out the piece it connected to. I also pinned it to it’s connect at this time so not to get confused. I also omitted seams that had no purpose, the center front seam and 2 seams in the back. I taped those tissue paper pattern pieces together at the seam allowance to make them one piece, making less seams for me to match.

I got the outside matched as close as possible and then I needed to match the lining together too, because the sheet material was slightly see through. The linings florals could be seen from the outside if not exactly matched. This doubled my time although the challenge was fun I used the sleeves lining pattern piece because I didn’t want the dated puffy sleeves.


\n\nAbove is the center back match up and applying the invisible zip. It’s not perfect but I am happy with the turn out.

Here is the beautiful Lady Tactic who was kind enough to model for my launch party photo. Thank you Gwen!

Here is another dress I made in 2009 out of a sheet. Behind the Scenes~

This week I designed THE INSTA DRESS, it took me less than 30 minutes of sew time, is one simple piece, no pattern required and will fit a wide range of sizes.

A 3 hour class will insure everyone gets happily completed. There is minimum pressing to.

Fabric requirements are 1 2/3 of 58″+ wide knit. Fabric should be pre washed. Students will need a jersey needle too.
We will learn how to cut a circle, make a neckline, some measuring and making easy fool proof hemlines on a narrow fold circle. I am planning the class now!

Thank you for reading!