Have you seen the design called the donut? It’s a one piece simple circle that looks like a party shrug.

All summer I was perplexed with one piece projects, scouring the internet for design inspirations. My friend Pamela Jackson’s donut garment opened the door to a new idea.

Here’s Pamela showing another make at our Dayton Dressmakers Meet Up Group. Sketching and brainstorming a design that would make a plaid wrap with little matching came first. Once I had a design concept I made a prototype. My 2 piece design looks nothing like the donut.

\n\n \n\nNext was to practice it out of plaid material. Each project and material came with its own set of challenges.\n\n

This dress is on display at Zebra Girl Boutique in Centerville. My friend and talented artist Leslie Ruby Randall and many others saw the garment they told me to look up the TV series Outlander. Outlander is written after a series of Scottish books from the 18th century. Leslie picked out flannel plaid fabric that was the official tartan from the show Outlander. It was only 45″ wide and it had a white back side for her custom make. I had her order 8 yards of fabric so her coat could be lined. The plaid would need to match up on both sides. The pattern was already evolving.

Above is a time-lapse video of me matching up the plaid and cutting Leslie’s coat.

Just a few random views of this design. I love how Leslie’s version came out. Behind the Scenes~ We went to the Wright Pat Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio last weekend. The trip was not without textile arts.

Thank you for reading!

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