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I have been making replicas for a just few years now. I have found a few great tips that have helped me. It’s another busy week so let’s jump in, when making your first replica you should consider starting with something that is easy to put together. This means barely any pieces, no closures and has loose wiggle room for fit. If you have an outfit that is simple, fits you well and you do not mind cutting it up this is a sign you need to make your first practice replica. Most important tip when starting, do not use your expensive material for your first one, use something that has similar characteristics to practice on. For woven fabrics you can use sheets and knits or cut up t-shirts.

This project started with a photo from a friend visiting NYC. I quickly realized I had a late 60’s or early 70’s outfit like her photo that looked terrible on me. My husband called it the “naked dress.”

The dress had good fit and I didn’t mind cutting it up and making a new one in fun colors! First thing I did was cut along the seams to get my pattern of the naked dress.

I quickly labeled all of my pieces before I forgot what they were.

Next, I cut out my pieces one by one to match up the stripes. I wanted to have fun with the stripes by making them go in all kinds of directions.

I sewed most of this garment on my serger. This made it go together really quick.

The neck and arm binding were all made on the bias making the stripe look really cool.

After this dress I fell in love with stretch knits. I quickly learned to use a twin needle and I gained the confidence to make many more. Starting small and building my skills little by little got me really far.

Professional photos were taken by Shanna Ramsey and modeling is the beautiful Tara!
Behind the scenes~
Last week was another exciting week! I was honored to be in the Dayton Daily News and Dayton.com.

My classes are awesome! This was last weeks at Proto Builder in Dayton. You can see a full list of my classes and events here.


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Tracy McElfresh