I am on the brink of the biggest Up-cycle project to date, the beer can dress, which brings me here today.

A little back story before we begin. As a child my mother didn’t believe in buying anything new. I was 16 with 2 baby sisters and all of the extra money my family had went to diapers. This was when I learned to up-cycle used clothing. My mom says I was born in love with pretty dresses so much that my abuela called me prissy pants. In the 80s, vintage clothing and thrift stores were not cool in school even though you could buy 4 bags of clothing for under $20. I would take that clothing home and cut it all up and make new clothes. At the time we had moved from Atlanta where I had the freedom and social encouragement to express myself through any eccentric style. When we moved to Kettering, Ohio in 1988 there was much less diversity. The trend was Guess jeans, turtle necks with Adidas jackets and Eastland shoes. My first day of school in Ohio my teacher asked if I was from France. I had hacked a look from the store The French Connection. I loved to ride the bus to the mall, try on clothing and then look for what I could hack at the thrift store.

I’m extremely pleased with the new trend of up cycling dresses.  I hope to inspire you with a few new ideas. If you are local to Dayton I can also teach you a few awesome tricks and you should consider coming to our friendly and free Dayton Dressmaker Meet Up.

Here are a few of the other up cycled dresses I have blogged about recently.

Behind the scenes~

As class attendance goes down due to seasonal social events clothing alterations go way up! I get really excited about this because making people look and feel good gives them confidence. I am already extending my shop hours.

I also was so happy to see the Imperial Guard cape I made for Mark Naber in my Facebook feed.

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