Good day folks, Tracy here with some quick valuable tips! A few weeks ago I made a 1970s jumper with a long over skirt thinking I could have another cute outfit to ride my bike in. I also thought it would be cute to roller skate in as well.

Let’s start with fit issues, most women are not one size in traditional patterns all over. You can be a 10 in your bust, 12 in your waist and 14 in your hips. This simply means you need to add a little to the parts you want more room in. The first thing I do is take my measurements and make sure the pattern is not going to be too small.

I compare my measurements to the paper pattern subtracting seam allowances and adding ease. Ease is just extra wiggle room. An example, my hips are 38″, the pattern measured at 38″, so I only needed to add 2″ more for ease in my hip area.

Once I got my pieces cut it was time to mark them for my darts, pockets and zipper. I like to use tracing paper and a marking wheel when there is a lot like this to be marked. Another good tip is to be mindful of which side of your cloth your marks need to be on. Darts get marked on the inside, while pocket placement needs to be on the outside of the garment.


















This little number was full of curves. My large sized pressing ham was a great asset for pressing rounded parts. Even the little cute chest pockets were on the bust where I had sewn darts. This means I had to pin the pockets on to the jumper over the ham so I would have no puckers. Neck curves, under arm curves and bust curves all get a solid press on my ham.

Getting that zipper in is easy if you follow my 3 step process! 1. Baste stitch your hole closed and press seam open. 2. Hand baste the zipper in just over the seam crack. 3. Last topstitch it on with your zipper foot and rip basting stitches out after.

Enjoy the ride!


Behind the scenes~

I applied to be on the show, The Handmade Project last week!

My first class at Sew to Speak was amazing!


I finally settled on a sign!

Thank you for reading!

Dream it, Sew it!

Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh