Every year for prom I see the most popular dresses because I provide alterations to the public. This year the most popular dress was the two piece dress. The main photo is just one I altered this year. I love it when customs send me pictures to share! It’s the best flattery.  Regular alterations for a 2 piece dress are adjusting the arm straps and hemming the layers. Below were my most popular colors this year.










I have made a couple two piece gowns and you can too.  They were first popular in the 1950s so there are a few vintage patterns out there. This was the inspiration photo I was sent to make a custom order. Isn’t it just beautiful?










First, I start with the fabric. I lay it out and get a feel for the look vs the fabric. I love the vintage fabric my client mailed me from California. It had a wonderful vertical stripe. Thank goodness the customer wanted it that way.

Next I made the waist band just an inch larger that her waist measurement plus seam allowance. I like a 1/2 seam allowance when I am designing. I also interfaced the waist band with a light fusible interfacing to give it structure.

I like to lay all of the pieces out and confirm with my client that it is exactly what they want. She was happy to have the pictures and I get piece of mind.

Next I cut the pockets and stitch them all in. After a couple of pockets you will find they are really easy to add to any garment.

Last, gather the waistline, attach to the waist band, hem and it’s finished! Pair it with a great crop top and you have a beautiful 2 piece outfit that is one of a kind.










Other 2 piece outfits I have made.

Behind the scenes~

Talented model Philomina Majesta Afua Darko was kind enough to send me a photo of her in the viking apron dress I designed and she purchased last year.

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