A few weeks ago I received a most interesting email. A guy named Juan wrote and asked if I would make his wife a Pokemon trainer costume for a family photo. Right away I said yes to this project! Then he asked if I could do it by Mother’s Day, which was in 2 weeks. It was tough but I was invested in this project. Juan kindly sent me this photo.

First I looked to see if there was already a pattern for the costume and lucky me there was, McCalls 7756 designed by Yaya Han.

After I found the pattern I met with Juan’s wife, Melissa and told her exactly what to buy, got her measurements and she kindly sketched the color scheme she wanted. This sketch really helped me cutting out all of those pieces.

As soon as I received all of the supplies I got started cutting, time crunches make me uneasy. I want it all done yesterday and ahead of schedule.

Cutting was tough, there were a lot of pieces and I had to make sure each one was in the correct color. Plus, the stretch fabric had a plastic rubber coating that made it hard to cut. I powered through and got the job done.

The primary parts of the costume came together quickly and I had little fit issues with the garment. When I went to attach all the bands the fabric didn’t quite have enough stretch and it tried to pucker the main pieces. Instead of buying different fabric I decided to cut the bindings and cuffs all out again a little longer and hope it would work. It did!

Juan didn’t tell me he is a photographer and they sent me a picture of a lighting test shot the very next day. Juan’s business is called Leaf Photography.

The sweet back story of this costume is that Melissa’s son has autism and is absolutely crazy about Pokemon. For Mother’s Day she wanted to do a photo shoot with him dressed as their favorite characters. It’s awesome to meet so many cool people in this profession and her story is truly heart warming. ~Thank you

Behind the scenes~

Flipping through my home town’s activities guide to see what classes I had coming up and make sure I had them in my calendar correctly I found this! Truly honored!

Thank you for reading,
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Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh