Day two of the Cincinnati Museum Center Star Wars exhibit and I had the pleasure of being there. The museum is in an old train station that is currently under construction.

If you go to the exhibit prepare to be blown away. First, I’m no movie expert but I have seen Star Wars. My pictures, the publics photos and the movie footage does not compare to seeing it in person. There are so many details a camera doesn’t capture accurately.

We got there early. Look, no line, no wait! At times we had some exhibit rooms all to ourselves.

These are only a few of my favorites. This was so much more than just awesome dresses. There is a story about the designer, Trisha Biggar , and the materials she liked to use that the movie doesn’t capture. After the exhibit I was so inspired that I went home and watched episode 1 and 2 again to see all of her dress designs.

I also took my sketch book to the show and did line drawings of the inspiring parts of costumes.


Of course there were the classics you expect to see. I loved the transition of the costumes from the 1970s until now. The exhibit shows where the influence and inspirations came from. That was really cool to me.

The many artist renders were super cool. You get to see the Chewbacca and Darth Vadar’s inside layers of the costumes.

The exhibit had behind the scenes movie shorts, a really cool storm trooper part that I don’t want to spoil for you and so much more! If you sew or design costumes this is one that should not be missed.

Here are a few of the star wars costumes I have made. Princess Leia inspired formal gown has been made 3 times now and I am thinking about teaching a class on it.

My father John dressed my brother and me up in 1976 as …….

Behind the scenes~

Sneak peek of one of my designs for the Clash Fashion Show, inspired by this exhibit.

Summer sewing schedule!


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