Hi! I’m excited to guest blog this week. I’ve something super exciting to share, first let me tell you about me. My name is Gwendolyn Vo and I’m a stay at home mom to 3 super busy kids and a hard working husband who fights professionally. I began modeling in my spare “non mommy time” 7 years ago and I have always been more interested in the clothing and the designers more than the modeling. I secretly began expanding my sewing knowledge over the past few years in hopes of one day being able to design an amazing gown for a night out! A girl can dream right!

Here we are today! I’m in the local fashion show, Clash Dayton, as a designer! During this past month we found out the gender of our 4th baby and haven’t told many friends/family. I decided the fashion show would be a great place to reveal the “secret”. All of my designs are done, I have 3 male pieces and 6 female pieces. I hadn’t planned on tops for the men until I realized I was going to reveal the gender of the baby. My mind was churning what could I do when I remembered freezer paper and painting with it on t shirts. It’s been on my to-do list for some time and this was the best time to get it done!

Here is what you’ll need:

* Freezer paper

* Acrylic/Fabric paint

* Sharpie

* Razor blade

* Iron

* Paint brush

* Shirt or other garment your using

I spent a lot of time creating and searching for the right words for this design. I didn’t want it to come out and say the gender, since it’s a fashion show I wanted the shirt to be desired by others as well as reveal the gender.


Directions~ Lay your image and tape it down to a flat surface or a window if it’s nice and sunny out. Grab your freezer paper and Sharpie and lay it over your image (shiny side down) and start tracing with the Sharpie.


Next take your traced image and put into the cutting mat or cardboard. Grab an Xacto knife and start cutting away at your image! Save those little pieces from your letters if you’re doing wording. You will be using them again later.

Take your freezer paper and lay it onto your project. Mine is a tank top using A Stitch Upon A Time’s, Charming Tank pattern. (Take the garment off your cutting mat for ironing) Make sure it’s straight and begin ironing it in place with shiny side down. Next add those tiny pieces from the inside of your letters (shiny side down!) and iron them into place. If you need to readjust, pull it up gently and lay it back down and re-iron.

Now comes the painting. Make sure all edges are ironed down real good! Put some cardboard under your fabric to help prevent bleeding through to the under side. Grab your paint and layer it on. Make sure to get along the edges and in between the ribbing on your fabric. Once dry see if you need a second coat of paint before removing your freezer paper stencil. It should peel away easily.

Now sit back and stare at the awesome thing you created. I’m super excited for this one to reveal at the fashion show! I’m pairing it with some cute tire tred joggers I made for the model (my hubby) to wear! I hope those friends and family who don’t know, get the gender by the design on the shirt! You’ll have to let me know how yours turn out.

Have fun!

Thank you for reading,

Gwendolyn Vo

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Gwen is a fashion designer living in Dayton, Ohio with her 3 lovely children, with 1 more child on the way and is married to a supportive/caring husband. She loves sewing clothing and making things for her family.
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