Some of the best memories are made with friends and for me if I can get them to a fabric store it’s double joy. We biked to Little Shop of Stitches, Miamisburg where I purchased fabric for my holiday scrap dress.

The bolt of fabric I chose only had 2 yards of red feed sack looking fabric, I purchased an additional 1 yard of contrasting blue and told the owner my plans. Yes, I made this 8 gore dress with 3 yards of fabric and used almost every scrap. I wanted a true depression era feel as if I was making the dress out of feed sacks in the early 1940s. Below is my only waste.

Hollywood Patterns #406 was made in 1940 and I thought it would be a proper pattern hack. Back then your size was your bust measurement. Making and buying would be so much easier if this was still the case. Although this would be my second challenge, I’m a 32″ bust. This dress finished at a 44″ bust.

Designing is my favorite part of the process. I cut the pieces, played, I raided my button stash, went through 3 spools of red thread and was in my happy place.

Did you know red is my most favorite color in the world! I may even be obsessed!

I sized the dress down by cutting out the size 40, putting it on my dress form, marking a new fit and moving those bust pleats.

Alterations and busting scraps!

I tell all my students never cut over your other pieces and then here I do it. Here is my mending in the back skirt, a true dustbowl pre-mended dress!!

Making this dress was comparable to making a 3D quilt. I laid all of my pieces out on my table and ran back and forth with each piece.

Modeling is Stephanie Gorman Photo by Bruce Soifer.

Behind the scenes~ Last week was Kids Fashion Camp at Rosewood and the girls did amazing jobs sewing their garments.





My business decided to blow up this week! Bring your orders and alterations to me asap to get a quick turn around. On top of it we had the Clash Summer Fashion Show last Sunday and it SOLD OUT!!

Happy 4th and thank you for reading!

Dream it, Sew it!!

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