I’m having a great time this morning looking at some really old photos and digging deep in the archives. There’s just something about old photos that spark so many memories and feelings of joy. Many of the dresses I no longer have so having pictures becomes incredibly important to me.

Since 2009 I have done so many photo shoots! Besides making the garments photo shoots are one of my favorite things to do. My first shoots were of the Martyshoka Dolls I used to make. I would take them around town and snap shots of them and ask my FB friends if they knew the location of the doll. I learned a lot about photos and lighting in 2009.

My first real live model was my younger sister, Sarah. She was great because she is almost the same size as my garments and I felt comfortable working with her. We liked to shoot at Hills and Dales Metro Park and some at our moms house.

I soon realized my photos would be a lot better if I hired a real photographer. Lucky I met Seth Stephens at a fashion show and loved his work. During our last big shoot together he took photos of everyone that I made dresses for in the community that year. Thank you everyone that made this happen!















Over the years I have had so many memorable shoots, these are just a few of my favorites. Make sure you try and always give photo credits. Photo credits for these are listed at the bottom of my page, we all like our name on our work.

When planning a shoot I like to send the photographer and the model all of the looks so they can brain storm locations, shoes and accessories. When in doubt we bring all of our stuff to the set up location. All of the models do  a great job at this. I can’t remember how I met Ruby, but I am so glad I did because she is a pleasure to work with. We do an amazing shoot once a year. I can’t express the amount of work that goes into this from everyone to make it all come together.

When photographer, Sharon Elaine Photography and model, Ruby Randall are best friends you just can’t go wrong! Next, my goal is to teach these two how to sew!

In other news.

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My dress will be in this show at @yellowspringsbrewery
July 24- August 20
Artist Reception/Party August 13 5-7
Photo of my dress by Susan Gertz owner of Dog Patch Pet Portraits and modeling the beautiful Lawanda owner of lstonerockdesigns

 Check out Ms.B in the pants she made in one of my classes.

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Additional photo credits~

Photo shoot with Clash modeling is Amanda Rea and and behind the scenes photos by Sarah Wacksmuth Tyrchniewicz

Photo Shoot with Stephanie Baker

Photo shoot with Gwen Vo, Lady Tactic and photos taken by Robert of RP3 Photoworks.

Group shoot was Seth Stephens owner of Totum Fitness.

Photo of Ruby in Scotland was taken by Winter Wolf Studios.

Kara VanRoekel shoot with Amanda Rea at Clash boutique in Dayton.





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