Getting creative is important. What is hard is when you have more ideas and dreams than you have time to execute. This is a quick and easy dress I like to fashion when I’m short on time. My dream is to teach this easy wrap dress at a vacation resort in Mexico soon.

First, grab a large vintage scarf and cut a small neckline hole out. If  you cut it too large you can’t put it back, so start small and get bigger later.

This is also a great project to use up all of those old laces and trims. Remember to softly pull on them and check them for dry rot first if they are vintage. This is may favorite part of this dress! You really get to play designer here!












Make your neckline and then pin everything up just like you want it. I used a large zigzag stitch to hold it all down.

Next you add the ties and long pieces of gathered fabric. Make sure they are long enough to go around your body 1.5 times so you don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions. I like to pin it all to my dress form before sewing to double check that I am not forgetting anything important.


















Laying it out flat gives you a birds eye view of my design.

Once I made one, I loved this dress so much I made 3 more in different colors.

My inspiration photos.

Don’t forget to put your handmade label in!

Behind the scenes~

So much to report! Let’s just talk about some of the fun stuff! I went to a new to me fabric shop, Crafters Lodge in Bellbrook. They even asked me to come back and teach in February. I’m brain storming something awesome we could make out of cotton! I also had all of my machines serviced there with Dr. Jay!

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Thank you for reading!

Dream it, Sew it!

Professional photos by Sharon Elaine Photography and modeling is the wonderful Ruby Randall.

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