I’m back from a Charleston, SC vacation and I got to get crazy in a friends fabric shop, Five Eighth Seams! I bought tons of awesome knits to make more Insta Dress Tops at the Dayton Mini Maker Faire. I’m happy to be home with lots of awesome alterations and orders! That being said, this weeks post will be short and sweet.



















Today, I’m giving you an insiders view of the 1970s inspired wrap top that everyone wants! During one of my Crafty Mondays with friends working on Clash Fashion Show designs I pulled out some awesome fabric.


















My challenge was I had only 1 yard of the large print fabric 60″  poly. I needed to make the sizing versatile because models for our fashion show have bodies with true sizes and unique shapes.


















This top was constructed in 5 very easy steps although it had some time involved pinning the two layers (lining and outer shell) together.

First I cut a small neckline in the center in the fabric. Remember, you can always go back and make it bigger but once it is actually cut you commit to the size. Second step is to lay the outside shell and lining right sides together, pin all the way around the rectangle. Next, cut diagonal lines into the center and pin those also. Step 4 is to sew all the way around the garment with a 1/2″  seam allowance, clip and flip through the neckline. Step 5 was to baste stitch the neckline I wanted and then sew bias tape in a matching color.

My wrap top and many of my other dresses are for sale at Clash Dayton in the Oregon District.

All professional photos are by Bruce Soifer and modeling is the beautiful Deja Goode. Deja is also a wonderful photographer and musician.

Behind the Scenes~

Maker Faire Dayton was last week. I had the best time!

New Class listing! The Mini Insta Dress Top retreat! This dress is perfect for people wanting to break into their first garment, need a refresher or just want to make something awesome. I designed this dress top with 1 piece of fabric, no setting in sleeves or pockets although pockets are an option. Best part is you get a dress pattern to go home and make more.

Great class for a first garment, refresher or just making something fun with friends or family.



Thank you for reading!

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