Hello! My name is Joy Hoover from Joy2Sew! I am a native Daytonian who sews, cooks and does a bit of woodworking! I’m a Maker in every right, but costuming is by far my favorite! I launched my own kid’s PDF pattern line in 2014 with my successful line up of Disney Frozen patterns, available on my Etsy site, https://www.etsy.com/shop/joy2sew. Since that time, I teach young kids to sew at Chess Christian School in Centerville, and take customized orders from friends and family on the side.

This Lynda Carter inspired costume was one such special order! My customer emailed me early in the year with her request for me to make her five year old daughter a Wonder Woman costume inspired by the original one Lynda Carter wore while playing Diana Prince from Wonder Woman from 1975-1979.

I always start my customer requests with a drawing to show them my concept, what is included, and give them an overall idea of what I will be creating.

Next, I head to either JoAnns or Hobby Lobby to select the best fabrics for the project, and if needed, run a few choices by my customer. Then, I buy my fabric and get started (mainly at night, after my two young boys have gone to bed)!

I executed the cape first. I drew the outline of the cape, marked out the color panels with a yardstick, and then cut those into pattern pieces with seam allowance included. I ended up double-siding the cape with the satin panels, so I cut two of each panel, one side in reverse. I sewed the cape panels together at the curve and side edges, leaving the neck area open. For the neck tie on the cape, I made bias tape with leftover red satin and sewed it over the neckline opening.

For the star accent on the cape, I sided the back of glitter felt pieces with Wonder Under and ironed them on. Each star was cut out by hand. Later on, I added additional glitter glue for more shine!

For the upper bodice and sleeves I used a performance wear nude fabric, and used satin on the bottom. I backed the stretch gold fabric with Wonder Under and then cut out my hand-drawn Lynda’s eagle chest design, before ironing it firmly to the lower satin bodice. Last was to cut a blue circle skirt, roll hem it, and add more felt stars to the front (same technique as used on the cape).

For Wonder Woman’s shoe covers, I cut a few corners and used the pattern from Simplicity 1035, as they were the right style. I made the headband and wrist gauntlets by my own design and added the red appliqué stars from a JoAnn Fabrics. For modesty, I copied my sons sleep shorts and made a gold pair of short leggings for under the skirt.

And lastly, including Lynda’s famous rope at the waist was a must to complete the look! The rope was trim by the yard from JoAnn Fabric, secured at each end with bolo aglets, and secured by a snap and 2″ of gold fold over elastic.

It’s a dream to customize clothing, and to pour love, thought, and design detail into each piece I make! It’s certainly my hobby, but more of an art! Whatever your craft, do it with excellence and with your whole heart!

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