Easy 2 Piece Sweater Knit Design Hack by Tracy McElfresh

Why all the stress of winter clothing? Well, winter clothing is a challenge because buying winter fabric costs more money than summer fabric.  You will need time to plan so you don’t waste. I have a bunch of mismatch outfits from not planning and just buying fabric I like.  Knowing what looks good on you versus what is in style is also a challenge. And last, a handmade winter wardrobe will require you to have, learn and practice sewing skills.  I’m learning to make easy, stylish and practical winter clothes and you can learn too.


















What if I could pin together a princess seam sheath dress and make it just 2 pieces out of a sweater knit. Over the summer I made a 1960 vintage swim suit with princess seams out of knit. I noticed those seams did not behave correctly. The knit wavered down the seam no matter what tried and true techniques I used. Then it dawned on me that back then they did not have stretchy knits. This would have been made out of a more stabilized fabric and that is why it needed princess seams. I could easily taken the princess seams out of the tissue pieces by pinning them together and overlapping seam allowances. Then measuring all of the pieces until I have what I need in a flat pattern piece because the stretch would cling around all my curves.


















Crazy, I noticed the dress on the covers garment model looked like my fabric and then I knew – I needed to make this dress.

Here is my layout, as you can see I laid the pieces down on top of each other and eliminated those princess seams. I measured bust, waist and hips to my measurements before cutting. It still came out 2″ too big but that was an easy fix of just sewing down 2 side seams.

Tip – when sewing with fuzzy looped sweater knits, find a foot that doesn’t get caught up every other stitch and drive you absolutely loony!

After sewing down the side seams I made arm and neck binding with 2″ strips of knit by folding it in half and sewing on  the serger. Don’t worry if you do not have a serger because you can use your regular sewing machine and a zig zag stitch.

Behind the scenes~

My Friends and I had our own little Wonder Woman Craft retreat.


Hark back to the days of Andy Griffith and Barney Fife with a little gem we found way out in the country on our retreat. If  you are traveling towards Hillsboro, Cynthia or Wilmington look for a little fabric, quilting and crafts shop called Mendlebrights. The owner Rita was friendly and the farm house style shop was filled with quilters talking craftsmanship on Saturday.

Thank you for reading,

Tracy McElfresh
Dream it, Sew it!







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