In this post you will find easy tips, tricks, pattern ideas and my appliqué process. I hope you enjoy my passion and insight.

I loved the 1980s, it was such a nice mash of eras. The garments were simple to make and people were still sewing. Just because a trend goes out of style does’t mean I give it the boot if I truly liked it. Large print florals are wonderful and fun in my opinion.

I posted a photo of the fabric online asking, “What should I make out of this fabric?” I got mixed answers. Some did not like the 1980s style and kindly said,”Not for me although on the right person it may look nice.” I also got pillows, pot holders and home decor.

Before we get to far into this, I got this awesome fabric at Sew to Speak in Columbus. If you’ve never been it’s well worth the trip.


















Free tip, fabric looks different draped on a store bolt. Before purchasing fabric, lay it out and look at pattern repeat. Your eyes only pick up small parts of the fabric so consider taking a photo to see the fabrics over all look. The flowers prints in this are in a diagonal line.

I wanted to try a new challenge and my new concept has already evolved, too. Less seams mean less matching. I cut 2 main pieces for the body and placed the seams center front and back. I was not able to match the print on one of the sides. My front/back draped design pieces were the same and this gave me the option to choose. I decided to make the back print match and appliqué flowers over the front. If I make it again it will just be 1 piece.

My appliqué process, I cut out flowers and in a box lid used a spray on sizing to stiffen them. The sizing makes the knit curl up so you will need a good hot press to flatten them out. After stiffening and stabilizing the flowers I spayed the backs with 3m temporary basting adhesive. Again, take a picture. I had to much blue together at first and was able to move them.

I topstitched around all of the flowers with a straight stitch. This Art Gallery Fabric brand knit doesn’t fray either.

I free-hand cut out my sleeves, cuffs and matched the print on the pockets.


Then I took the project to my cutting table and with a sharp rotary blade and ruler got everything squared and clean cut. Fitting the pieces over my body to insure fit.


















Before sewing I was sure to make a pattern. As for the construction most was done on my serger. You can use a regular machine or a walking foot.

Behind the scenes~

Proto class was a blast!

I got to teach 4 little ones how to use a sewing machine at my local community center.

Don’t forget I have a local meet up group for people that live in Dayton and make garments. We are the Dayton Garment Designers meet up group and would like to invite you to our holiday party.

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Tracy McElfresh

Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio LLC.
Tracy McElfresh