Have you ever had a TV celeb that you watched to see what they wore everyday? Without fail, I watch Jamie Jarosik give the weather forecast on WDTN Channel 2 news. For years she has been looking sharp and polished. Jamie has inspired many color combos for dresses I want to make. I am so excited to find out some of her secrets. I hope you enjoy my interview and get inspired.

TM: As a morning meteorologist how early do you need to get up to get ready for the camera?
JJ: My day starts at 1:30am! Sometimes, when I wake up, I tweet about the weather for the day ahead… but some people are still awake from the PREVIOUS day! It is an odd feeling! I usually have my outfit picked out the night before, to save time. And I do most of my makeup/hair at the station, so I don’t wake up my family. Many people ask me if we have stylists do our hair and makeup in the morning, but we don’t! We do it all ourselves. Stations in larger cities like New York, Chicago, and L.A. will have make up artists, but smaller cities typically don’t. We do, however, get our hair cut/colored with Affinity Salon and Spa.

TM: Does WDTN have any clothing guidelines?
JJ: The golden rule of dressing for TV is “nothing too distracting.” No wild patterns, weird color combinations, etc. We are asked to wear a lot of bright, bold colors… and solid dresses. Sheath or fit-and-flare are preferred. It can be tempting to buy something trendy, but that often doesn’t work on TV. I live by the motto, “When in doubt… don’t.” If I want to wear something trendy, I choose a dress with a slight trend. i.e. instead of a big, flowy bell sleeve, I would select a smaller, subtle bell shape. I don’t want the outfit to take away from what I’m actually saying.

TM: Have you ever taken any style classes?JJ: I have never taken a style class, but we have had a fashion consultant visit us at the station in the past. Sometimes, she will ask us to bring in ten of our dresses… and she will go through each one and tell us if they are good for TV or not! After going through this a couple times, you get a good idea of what looks good on camera.

TM: How do you know what your best colors are?
JJ: The fashion consultant, at some point, suggested colors to us. My mom also tells me what looks good– and she knows me best!

TM: Good style takes dedication, how do you pick your outfit each day? Is there a system you use that you could explain?
JJ: After almost 20-years in the business, I have collected a LOT of dresses! I really try not to repeat a dress or outfit for a couple months. After I wear something, I will put it at the end-of-the-line in my closet, and when I pick my outfit for the next day, I choose from the front. If I do have to repeat within two months, I will try to accessorize a little differently—with jewelry, mainly.

TM: What does your favorite dress look like?
JJ: I feel like this changes as I get new dresses! Right now, I am loving a blue dress from Talbots—the one with the slight bell sleeve! (see attached picture). My mom says that’s one of my best colors, too!

TM: Is there a certain style or fabric you tend to gravitate towards?
JJ: Really, whatever is machine washable and doesn’t wrinkle too much! I like easy care.

TM: Do you have special care methods for all of your dresses?
JJ: I usually wash them inside out… and run most through the delicate cycle. I often hang-dry or lay them flat to dry. My husband loves this. </sarcasm>

TM: Where is your favorite place to shop for work dresses?
JJ: I love Ann Taylor, Talbots and White House Black Market… but I also shop through department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom. I have three kids, so it’s not that easy to get out and go shopping. However, I have learned my size in the brands I love… and find it SO convenient to order from the stores’ websites! There is often a much bigger selection online, as well!

TM: Have you ever had a garment malfunction or mishap?
JJ: I keep a mini-sewing kit in my work bag, because, YES… mishaps happen! A button may fall off, a seam opens up, etc. But I am always prepared for it! One interesting mishap—I may look put-together on top, but you never see my feet on TV; I am often wearing flip-flops in the summer or snow boots in the winter. I often get interesting looks when I have to run to the store after work, wearing a business-style dress and super casual footwear!

TM:What’s the best response you have gotten from the public for your particular style or garment you wore on Channel 2 news?
JJ:I have people email me all the time, asking where I’ve purchased something. That is the best compliment, because they actually like it enough to want to wear it themselves!

Huge thank you to Jamie Jarosik for her taking the time to chat with me!


Behind the scenes~

Here is a dress I made inspired by an orange dress Jamie recently wore. I can’t wait to blog and share this one with you! Linen fabric is from Through the Ages Fabric.



















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