When I decided to go all natural my color palates changed. They went from red and teal to hot pink, navy blue, purple, plum, black, blue grey and gold. I love color and it means I need to make more clothing! This dress is almost the same concept as last weeks blog post, the nursing frock.

Scanning through the inner webs I found this cute inspiration photo that would be an easy hack and I already had the perfect vintage 80s corduroy for the project!



















I found a 1970s pattern and started my little science project. This pattern wound up giving me a bit of trouble. To start with it was to big, it was supposed to be made from double knit poly and when I took it in to be more fitted I made the worst pointed bullet boobs.


Tip~ I like to make all of my darts with transfer paper and a tracing wheel.

Fellow designer Amber Walker and her mother were going to Paris and she asked if she could bring me some fabric back. I asked for lining fabrics for this coat. Lining fabrics are usually not expensive and they fold up really small in your suit case.

I love it that the inside is just as pretty as the outside. I can wear this as a dress coat or open jacket since it is lined.

After I assessed that the dress had a huge issue in the bust darts I hung it on my dress form and just studied it for a month until I finally figured out the easiest way to take those out.

I eventually cheated and finger pressed the bust points flat and made the flux topstitched princess looking seams. The cool thing is since it’s busy and full of texture it’s barely noticeable.

Last short story about this garment, after I made it I sent Amber appreciation photos since she got me the beautiful lining fabric. She wrote me back and said with out either of us knowing she made almost the same garment with a Peter Pan collar.

Behind the scenes~

Woke up early and hit my projects hard this holiday weekend. This year I am making Trash to Treasure holiday gifts for a few of my girlfriends.























My Endless Tea and Scones Embroidery class is almost full for December 7th.










Thank you for reading,
Tracy McElfresh
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