I’m not sure what my obsession is with clock making. I guess our “ticks” (lol)  are what make us all unique. Anyways, here’s some of what I’ve been up to with clocks!














I dug through my vintage pattern collection looking for patterns that would allow clock hands to be placed right in the middle. Most do not work with having just one or two images on the pattern. I also wanted something playful and cute.


















I bought some wooden panel board at my local craft store. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I measured, marked and drilled my first hole right in the center. I then used the first one to mark all of the others. I use a large drill bit to make sure the clock pieces will fit.


















I traced around each board with a pencil angled to the inside of board on some card stock. With the card stock you want to cut on the inside of your lines so it is just a wee bit smaller than your clock face.


















I spray painted the edges gold!!!











Add your Mod Podge to the pieces with a soft paint brush.

TIP~ before applying your pattern you may want to make sure the pattern paper is not see through. Here you can see mine is so I left the back of the pattern intact.


















Once everything is glued down and smoothed out I stab the center with my paint brush handle to put the hole back in. Then I let dry overnight.


















Last add your clock parts and numbers. You can buy clock parts at any craft store. I will warn you, I got some really cheap ones that did not work off a popular online site. The stems were way too short to support any more width than a single page of paper. I believe these had 1/2″ stems. They have even bigger ones if you want to make thicker facings. Getting the numbers straight was the hardest part of this fun project.












Behind the scenes~

Did you know my first PDF pattern is for sale? The Insta Dress

I have designed a dress that is made out of one piece of folded fabric, the Insta Dress. It is a pull over dress with a tunic length option for the absolute beginner. It includes sleeves and pockets that do not require setting in. Even better no closures to set in either. ONLY skill level requires that you should be comfortable using a sewing machine.

Sizes 32” – 56” Bust


I have been teaching my Insta Dress/Tunic design for over a year and the class sells out every time. It is such a fun and easy dress/tunic to get you started making your own clothing that many friends, clients and students have asked me for a more formal pattern. Well, here it is!

Thank you everyone for all of your support and kindness.

Thank you for reading,

Tracy McElfresh
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