You will never hear me utter the words I have nothing to wear.

This years trip to Pittsburgh inspired my holiday dress. I found the softest wool at a little shop called The Fabric Place. It was so soft that I fell in love immediately.








The dress and jacket was a disaster. After making it I fully took the entire suit apart and started over again on Thanksgiving Day. It was not a total waste of time.

After the first run of making the outfit it looked good on the outside. On the inside the twin needle stitching was not tight. I felt I was not doing the fabric justice. It is important when you have a failure to be honest with yourself and be able to take positive criticism about your work. Correct it and move on.

Putting it together after cutting all the raw edges and notches presented problems when I tried to seam it with traditional methods. The front of the jacket needed to be reworked. The back of the dress was cut to be smaller and support the raw edges with no seam allowance. This made the dress too tight in the back so the neckline wouldn’t lay flat. The dress looks much cleaner and professional with traditional methods and a fully lined bodice.















Trouble shooting problems – I made the zipper the matching contrasting color and left it exposed to save on seam allowance. I didn’t make it zip all the way up. I added a button and a loop (a basic rubber band) to the top back neckline to add ease to the back giving the neck line a flat finish. That’s how it was supposed to look.

I like to wait until I’ve made a solid plan to go back to the fabric store to pick the perfect finishing touches out. Credit to fellow designer Gwen Vo for suggesting contrasting lace as a second texture.


Behind the scenes~

Creative trees around Dayton.


























My trash to treasure holiday gifts. I made lavender soaking salts for just a few of my friends.

Back by popular demand at Rosewood Art Centre, the T Shirt Quilt intro class. Ages 12 and up come learn the basics of T-Shirt Quilting. Must call to register 937-296-0294

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

Thank you for reading,

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