Do you want to be remembered? Personalized gifts are the bomb and can easily become family heirlooms. No pleating machine, no problem. You can get this look in a little over an hour with a regular sewing machine!

I had every intention of doing this project by hand the correct way. I was gifted a cute 1940s vintage pattern. My baby shower recipient, Tracy, was kind enough to send me her colors, likes and dislikes before I started the project. Then time seemed to get away from me and so I made some short cuts happen.

If you do not have a ready to sew smocking pattern I suggest you cut out your pieces to be smocked about 5x larger.

I got my fabric at a really cute local fabric shop in Miamisburg, Ohio called The Little Shop of Stitches.

















Ok lets get started. You will be amazed at how easy this is!

Next is the fun part!

The not so fun part!

Remove those basting stitches.





















Changes! If I were to do this again I would use my walking foot and I would have stitched my fake machine smocking lines in between my basting stitches. This technique would make the temporary gathering stitches much more easily removed.

Behind the scenes~

Here are just a few other baby gifts I have made over the years. I hope to inspire you.

Have you seen my beginner Insta Dress PDF pattern? This is not a tradition pattern. My pattern is made to get you started making your very own garments.



Photos are taken by Leaf Photography.

Thank you for reading,

Tracy McElfresh

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